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Internal reporting of violations of the law

         At AGIFER level, internal reports can be received according to the provisions of system procedure PS 1020 01 Internal reporting on violations of law. They are transmitted:

  1. In electronic format, by the whistleblower accessing the internal reporting form on violations of the law found on the institution's website under the heading "Public interest", section "Whistleblower in the public interest", filling it in and sending it to the e-mail address avertizori.integritate[dot];
  2. By telephone communication, SMS or Whatsapp messages to the telephone number 0799.101.342 - ZAMFIRACHE Marian;
  3. By face-to-face meeting with the designated person - ZAMFIRACHE Marian from the institution, at the request of whistleblower.

          In all variants, the internal reporting form on breaches of the law will be taken and recorded exclusively by the designated person in charge of this purpose, in strict compliance with the provisions on the protection of personal data.